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On March 3rd, between 12 noon and 3 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) please use this link Adoption Affirmations Book on Amazon to order the book! Aside from buying one to read yourself, I am asking if you would consider buying multiple copies to gift to loved ones and others you may meet, and even buy in bulk if you are in a profession or community role that works with prospective adoptive parents, she has incentives on her website when people buy in bulk!

Here are Keri Gee’s & Nikki’s Virtual Book Launch Bonuses:
  • For those who purchase 5 or more of the “Adoption Affirmations” book by Keri Gee and Nikki, you will ALSO receive a copy of a tender hand-drawn picture from the co-authors’ adoptive children and also a paper leaf to write your own words of hope for you to give to someone you know or meet who is on their adoption journey to fulfill their own family tree.

  • For orders 25 or more, you will receive the above-stated bonuses and also 2 copies of the previously released book: ”Adoption: The Best Gift—A handbook for prospective adoptive parents” written by the co-author Nikki Biers.

  • For orders of 50 or more, you will receive the above-stated bonuses, as well as a book will be donated in your honor to an adoptive parent-in-need identified by a local adoption expert, AND the authors will create a custom video of hope to share with your group (or a support group of your choice).

  • When buying in bulk of 100 or more books, for those who want to give a copy to their clients/patients/staff/congregants/members, etc., you will receive ALL of these bonuses noted AND a LIVE presentation on “Remaining Hopeful About Adoption” customized to your practice/audience. If you are local to Southern California, one of the authors will make the presentation in person. Elsewhere in the United States or beyond, the authors will call in using a live streaming portal, or you can fly us to your location.
While this book is already available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Balboa Press—a division of Hay House Publishing, we want you to wait until our Virtual Launch Party to buy it on March 3rd through Amazon, as by doing so, we will be sending a powerful inspiring message to the community, a show of support to prospective adoptive parents, a heap of hope to children waiting to be adopted, and most likely you’ll be helping the authors reach their goal of “Best Seller” on Amazon!
So please join us on “National I Want You to Be Happy Day” at our Virtual Launch Party Sunday, March 3rd, anytime between 12 noon and 3 p.m. and I thank you for your participation!
If this message is powerful to you, may I ask you to please share this with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones too, via email or on your social media channels as well?
Thank you again!