Cloud 9

Along with the epic snowy covered mountains, which is quite a unique sight from the streets of Orange County, California, has been a sky filled with massive puffy white clouds. The other day my daughter and I began counting them and far surpassed cloud 9. However, the conversation we had after the counting did fill my heart making me feel like I was on Cloud 9! 

She said, “Mom, I want to just reach up and pull down a cloud!” I giggled and said, “Well, what would you do next?” Thinking she may have a sweet reply, I was quickly reminded that she was still just 8 years young. She said, “I would hold it over my friends’ heads and it would rain on them!”  We both giggled and continued thinking about all the things we could do with clouds. For me, a cloud looked like a perfect pillow and bed to sleep on. To her, the largest cloud above could make for the biggest and sweetest S’more dessert. She added, “And, I would share it with you and daddy!”  My heart smiled at just the thought of that!

Clouds have always been magical for me. My siblings and I, during our early years, would lie on our backs under a cloudy sky while my dad would tell us the most creative stories inspired by the billowing shapes. Some clouds looked like animals in a whole parade, others like people or whatever his and our minds could imagine.

Fast forward…it was one day during my husband’s and my five year journey to adopt a child that I came across a cloud-shaped wall hanging that says: “We Dreamed of You…” It represented something I could only imagine for quite some time—that of becoming a parent.  I bought that wall hanging and it was the first thing I hung up in the bedroom for the baby my husband and I were so honored to adopt.  Yet with this cloud, we didn’t have to imagine any longer for we finally had the child that was meant for us to nurture and love.  I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since!

That feeling of being on cloud 9 (of extreme happiness as if you are floating on air) is a good sensation. It can come as a result of so many magical moments throughout one’s life. Sometimes we have to just hang in there for our dreams to materialize. May you hang in there in pursuit of your dreams and goals and then feel on cloud 9 as they become reality.

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