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A Goal Worth Reaching For

After a long morning at a conference I was attending years ago, I left the building to get some fresh air. Luckily literally just a few steps away was a sandy boardwalk by the beach that made for a wonderful stroll. Soon a little girl with curly red hair and freckles caught my eye. Actually what caught my attention first was her voice–she was trying relentlessly to get her mom’s attention, yet to no avail. While her mom was absorbed in a conversation with another adult, I heard the little girl repeatedly say, “Mom, help me reach this monkey bar.”  But then she finally gave up on her mom being the solution. It’s what the girl did next that caused me to pause even longer. With pure determination, she built a very large mountain of sand, packed it firmly for stability, and then with a proud grin walked up that sandy mountain with arms outstretched upward as she confidently gripped that monkey bar. After the girl did a few twirls, I realized I better get back to the conference in time for the afternoon workshop sessions.

Ever since then, I’ve looked at challenges differently. I ask myself, “Is reaching my goal something I can do on my own?” And, if not, I ask myself, “What and who will I need to help me make it happen?”

On my journey to become an adoptive mom I asked myself these very questions and spent time answering them for myself. I think we all need to ask these of ourselves when pursuing any goals we have.

For me, I kept on the adoption journey relentlessly, welcoming in the love and comfort of adoption professionals, dear friends and family, and especially my husband, until that amazing day when i was able to reach up, with  outstretched arms, and hold my adoptive daughter for the first time.