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Every Step is Worth It

In front of a restaurant I used to go to as a young adult is a luscious green front lawn–that is, except for one very glaring bare patch in the left corner of the nearly perfect greenery. After watching a lot of people come and go from there on one particular afternoon, I soon realized the reason why that corner was bare. Probably in an effort to save a second of time or a few steps, people were walking across that part of the lawn. They were literally cutting corners.

Maybe it was my childhood years living next door to a neighbor who would fiercely yell at my siblings and me each time we quickly walked on her grass to get back our ball that landed there–but I’ve always been pretty good in my adult years with staying off the grass in front of houses or any building for that matter. 

Seeing the corner of grass missing got me thinking–what damage do we do in our lives and in pursuit of our goals by cutting corners?

It’s a question I thought about even as my husband and I pursued adopting a child. In our plight to adopt as soon as possible, I kept looking for ways we could cut corners during the process. But the fact was, every step of the journey, despite it taking 5 years, ultimately lead us to our forever adoptive daughter. The child meant for us.

So be careful about cutting corners in any aspects of your life. Trust in the process. Because when you endure the journey to wherever your heart is taking you, it’s worth every step of the way.