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Welcome to Adoption Affirmations
Fulfilling your Family Tree Book website
Adoption Affirmations Book Cover

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Welcome to Adoption Affirmations
Fulfilling your Family Tree Book website
Adoption Affirmations Book Cover

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We dedicate this book to every person who has
. . . . dreamed of adopting
. . . . endured numerous heartbreaks during his or her adoption journey yet never gave up hope
. . . . been blessed to adopt.

To every courageous person who has given a baby up for adoption in order to give the child a better future.

To every adopted child. You are the most treasured gift an adoptive parent could ever hope for.

To our precious adopted children who fulfilled our family trees.

To our own helpful circles of support, especially our husbands Elliot and Michael, who have made our dreams of becoming adoptive moms a breathtaking reality.

And in memory of our own parents and grandparents, who loved us and taught us well.

Forever Grateful . . . Forever Moms,
~ Keri Gee and Nikki


  • Introduction

  • How to Use your Book

  • The Three Most Important Affirmations For Every Part of My Journey

Affirmations for…

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    Choosing to Adopt

  • Whom to Adopt

  • Choosing My Circle of Support

  • Choosing the Right Adoption Professionals

  • My “Emotional Pregnancy”

  • My Age

  • Being a Single Adoptive Parent

  • Handling My Fears

  • Once a Birth Mom Has Shown Interest

  • Enduring the Wait

  • Starting Over (If Adoption Falls Through)

  • My Own Adoption Affirmations

  • My Support System to Say to Themselves

  • My Baby/Child-to-Be

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    About the Co-Authors


The Book Adoption Affirmations

Adoption Affirmations provides you positive thoughts to say to yourself for each part of your adoption journey and even some for your loved ones to say. You will also find a few tender thoughts that your child-to-be may say to you someday. There are nearly 80 Affirmations in all to help you remain hopeful, confront your fears with grace, feel in control during the highs and lows, and increase your joy. Adoption Affirmations is unique in that it is also a flipbook of a growing tree to provide you visual inspiration. As your hope grows, so too does the realization of your own family tree.

Whose the Book For

Adoption Affirmations is for several groups of people. First and foremost, it is for everyone who is considering becoming an adoptive parent or are already in the midst of their adoption journey. This book will also be an extremely helpful guide for the family members, friends, and colleagues of anyone considering adoption or already pursuing adoption. In order to provide continued hopeful support, the book is an invaluable tool as well for anyone who works in adoptions and with families such as adoption facilitators, adoption attorneys, social workers, doctors, therapists, and educators/teachers, as well as for faith-based leaders such as ministers, rabbis, priests, and also support group facilitators.

About the Co-Authors

Keri Gee Semmelman

Keri Gee Semmelman is the lucky mom of a bubbly daughter whom she and her husband adopted at birth. Prior to adopting such a miracle baby (as she weighed only 1½ pounds), they endured a five-year journey that included a couple of adoptions that fell through and numerous other hopefuls. Yet, every experience was meaningful beyond words. In addition to being a doting mom, Keri Gee does community relations work and is an award-winning speaker and presentation trainer, as well as a happiness historian and poet. She has taught on college campuses and actively served on numerous nonprofit boards revolving around helping families and keeping children safe. Her work has led to earning a commendation from former First Lady Barbara Bush and receiving many other distinguished honors. In addition to this book, Adoption Affirmations, several others are in the works. She and her family reside in Orange County, California

Nikki Biers

Nikki Biers was already a wife and the mother of four children when she became passionate about adopting. She first worked in the field of adoptions in 1991 at an adoption law firm. After remarrying, she did an extensive four years of study to help those in need—both spiritually and physically—which included advocating for pregnant mothers. During that time, she and her husband became adoptive parents, and they opened The Best Gift Adoptions as registered adoption facilitators. During their journey, their second attempted adoption involved the heartbreak of a birth mom reclaiming the baby. Sadly, the child died two weeks later. Never giving up hope and always an inspiration, they went on to fulfill their family tree. This is Nikki’s second book. First, she authored a step-by-step information-packed book called Adoption: The Best Gift—A handbook for prospective adoptive parents. Highly respected in the field, she has assisted in more than 600 successful adoptions and been featured on radio. She and her family reside in California’s San Fernando Valley.


From Adoptive Parents

I wish Adoption Affirmations was around years ago when I went through the adoption process. The book is a wonderful resource. May it inspire you to adopt, especially since there are so many children of all ages out there who need you. 

Jean Forsythe, One of California’s First Single Women to Adopt a Child
Adoption Affirmations is more than a book, it is a heartfelt tool to refer to often for every person wanting to adopt a child. It will encourage you to persevere with a heart of hope and compassion as you become an incredible blessing to children through adoption.
Reggie Doss (NFL Legend) & Tamara Doss (Radio Show Host)
The journey to adoption usually starts with a flicker of hope that we could positively change the life of one less fortunate. But through the process, we learn that the life that has been changed was our own. ADOPTION AFFIRMATIONS is filled with insightful advice to help you navigate the process of adoption in a more positive way which makes a potentially tempest journey attainable.
Kermit Alexander (NFL Legend and UCLA Hall of Fame) & Tami Alexander (Community Activist), Adopted Parents to a sibling group of five from Haiti

From Medical Community

Adoption Affirmations is a beautiful and profoundly comforting book, which will be a treasured companion during the adoption journey. Semmelman and Biers have written an inspirational and indispensable guide which will help keep your heart open on your path to finding the child that was meant for you.
Robin Berman, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, and Author of Permission to Parent

From Parenting Expert

Adoption Affirmations is a landmark book for anyone considering adoption. The book’s understanding between the mind, emotions, and self-talk is insightful and significant. The book is based on personal experiences and serves as a practical handbook for adoption. I highly recommend it.
Dr. Marvin Marshall, Former Elementary, Middle, and High School Principal, and Author of Parenting Without Stress: How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own

From Adoption Professional

Adopting Parents everywhere will be encouraged by these morsels of adoption wisdom. Adoption Affirmations infuses HOPE into the oft-times challenging journey of adoption and helps make sense of the roller-coaster emotions adoptive parents often experience along the way. These authors know their subject matter firsthand and offer incredible insight to their readers.
Celeste Liversidge, Family Law Attorney

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Adoption Affirmations Fulfilling Your Family Tree Book Cover


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